A delightful investing experience.

Give your clients the best technology for their investments.

Your job as an advisor is to help your clients establish – and achieve – their goals. Betterment for Advisors simplifies that process, leaving you to focus on the client relationship.

We've added smart behavioral guardrails
to help keep your clients from getting off track.

Smart Rebalancing

You and your client will decide on the right risk level, while the software will help keep it in line with smart rebalancing. Every transaction will reduce the need to sell shares to rebalance.

We’ll help safeguard against client allocation changes by recommending that they contact you first.

Tax-Saving Algorithms

Our tax-efficient software will add pure alpha by transacting shares intelligently, harvesting losses automatically, and recommending clients work with you when transactions will affect their tax bill.

Automatic Deposits

Help your clients become better investors with regular deposits. Set up automatic deposits to grow clients' balances or automatic withdrawals when they’re in retirement.

Automating your clients' deposits makes it effortless for them to build wealth, and provides opportunities to rebalance tax-free and harvest losses automatically.

Give your clients the information they want, when they want it, so they
can keep an eye on their progress.

Planning tools for both of you

Work with your clients to set up their financial goals and get personalized advice. Make sure they're on track to a comfortable future with RetireGuide – a retirement planning tool like no other that is backed by sophisticated financial models.

You and your clients can log in anytime and see if their plan is on track.

Performance Tools

Your clients look at their goals compared to various benchmarks and see their progress.

See historical data on common portfolios and see time‑weighted returns for any time period.

Helping your customers is your most important job.
And we’re here to assist you with that – 7 days a week.

Advisor Contact Info

Betterment for Advisors directs your clients to your contact info for important advice. They can call or send you an email any time they have questions. Your contact information is also included in all email communications.

Customer Support

When you can’t be there, let us help. Our customer experience team is trained to handle technical support, account access, password resets, and general questions.

Our team is available by phone, email, or live chat 7 days a week.

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