Partnering with you.

Automated and flexible investment strategies, a paperless back office, and a delightful user experience empower you to grow your business and build deeper client relationships.

You’re in control of your relationship with your client. Clients see your
branded experience, sign up with you, and communicate directly with you.

Personalized Signup

Sit down with your clients, or share your screen, and walk them through a paperless signup process that takes less than three minutes. Everything is done online, automatically.

All of your agreements, your ADV, privacy policy, and any required documents are part of the fastest digital signature experience in the industry.

Branded Communications

Your firm's name and logo appear every time you communicate digitally with your clients throughout their experience – when logging into your portal, or when viewing statements. Emails come directly from you and are personalized to your firm and advisor.

Save time you would spend doing regular account
maintenance and spend it with your clients instead.

Automated Back Office

We automate all the time-consuming, mundane tasks for you including trading, rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, account opening, and portfolio management.

Advisor Dashboard

Start your day with a glance at your entire client base. Proactive alerts let you know which clients may need attention.

Meanwhile, we automate all communication – sent on your behalf, from you – regarding cash flows, tax loss harvesting, and other actions of importance. Even when you're not working, Betterment for Advisors is working for you. This means you"re communicating with your clients and they know you"re on top of their investments.

Practice Management

We have a consulting team dedicated to working with your firm on integrating our technology into your business.

We’ll teach you best practices and give advice on your marketing needs so you get the most value.

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